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Buddys dog walk, 78731The other day when walking with Buddy in 78731, Austin. I saw him grab something with his mouth when smelling the corner he always does.  I got to him fast, held his mouth open, and shook out whatever it was.  OMG did it look GROSS!  I can normally identify the almost eaten item, but this time I couldn’t.  It reinforced what I do and what I tell my walkers.  We have to ALWAYS watch the dog and our surroundings to protect them and ourselves.  This made me then think about the common toxic food products that are in most homes.

Make sure you keep these items AWAY from your pet:

* Alcohol
* Caffeine
* Chocolate
* Grapes
* Homemade play dough
* Onions
* Raisins
* Tea

Now if your Great Dane eats ONE grape – he’s going to be fine, but if your Chiuahua eats a whole bag of M&M’s I’d call the vet immediately.

Happy Dog Walks!

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