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Dog running, austinHere at Game Time Dog Services we have learned that  ALL dogs love to run!  Even if they don’t seem like they want to at first and we start with walks.  After about a month they are more fit and come running to the door because they are excited about their outside adventure.  I have even run with a the smallest of dogs.  Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they aren’t still a dog that loves to run and play outside.  Here are a few breeds that are IDEAL for running.




Long Steady Runs:
* Weimaraners
* Goldendoodles
* German shorthaired pointers
* Jack Russell terriers

Brisk Shorter Runs:
* Greyhounds
* Pit bulls
* English setters
* Beagles
* Golden & Labrador retrievers

* German shorthaired pointers
* Weimaraners
* Greyhounds
* Whippets
* Vizslas

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