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  • Keeping Your Dog Fit and Healthy

    Game Time Dog Services | Austin, TX

    Regular exercise, good nutrition, and occasional massage keep dogs fit. By Randy Kidd, DVM, PhD Compare the actions and functions of the musculoskeletal system to a finely tuned symphonic orchestra. Each and every instrument (each of the dozens of independent muscles in the dog) contributes to the whole. For one instrument to be heard above […]

  • 10 Backyard Toys that will Keep Your Dog More Fit

    10 Backyard Toys that will Keep Your Dog More Fit Hey Austin dog parents!! ????????????????‍♀️????  As y’all know health and fitness are important to us at Game Time, so when Your Dog Advisor reached out to us with this article we were eager to check it out.  First of all, I already have several of […]

  • Benefits of Hiring a Mid-Day Dog Walker – Austin, TX

    Benefits of Hiring a Mid-Day Dog Walker The benefits for your dog:   Get rid of extra energy Mid-day walks allow your dog to release some of their built-up energy resulting in a calm and well-behaved dog at home. Shed a few pounds Daily exercise is crucial to keep your pup at a healthy weight. […]

  • Active Dog Problems – Nail Fungus

    Nail Fungus and Dogs FUNGUS = EW!!  Just saying the word makes my face squish up like I smelled something rotten!  Bette and I enjoy an active lifestyle.  We go camping and hike and get our exercise on the trails and creeks of Austin.   A few weeks ago I noticed an odd brown tint […]


    Tomlinson’s Pet Supply wrote an excellent article about how to handle and care for dog paws in this heat.  I just had to share – it’s valuable info in these triple digit temperatures. You know the feeling: frantically tip-toeing from your lounge chair to the edge of the pool so the bottom of your feet don’t […]

  • Dog Powered Trike

    For several years I have envisioned a vehicle that could be used on sidewalks and streets that would be pulled by a dog.  A vehicle that would harness the concept of the sleds used for the Iditerod, but for pavement and the human would have more control.  Well, the amazing Mark has done it!!  You can […]

  • Track Your Dogs Walking and Exercise with the Whistle Tracker, Austin TX

    You monitor your every move in a bid for better fitness so why not do the same for your dog? San Francisco based start up Whistle has designed an activity monitor solution to measure and analyze your dog’s daily activities, including walks, playtime, and even rest, delivering a quantified perspective on both the day to day and long […]

  • How to Keep Your Dog Safe on Austin Trail Walks During Rattlesnake Season

      Texas has some ten rattlesnake species and subspecies, more than any other state except Arizona. Only three species interact significantly with human beings, however-the western diamondback (Crotalus atrox), the prairie (C. viridus viridus), and the eastern timber or canebrake (C. horridus atricaudatus). These species are widely distributed, are comparatively large, and often exhibit an aggressive temperament. […]

  • Enjoyed our Dog Run in the Great Hills of Austin

    George the dog and I had a terrific run today in the Hills area of Austin.  We even stopped for a quick drink of water and smelled the Blue Bonnets.

  • Best Dog Breeds for Running Buddy

    Here at Game Time Dog Services we have learned that  ALL dogs love to run!  Even if they don’t seem like they want to at first and we start with walks.  After about a month they are more fit and come running to the door because they are excited about their outside adventure.  I have even run […]