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  • Top 5 Dog-Friendly National Parks

    Top 5 dog-friendly national parks in the USA!  It has been a daydream of mine to pack up and explore the USA in an RV.  To walk the natural treasures of our country with my dog sounded like the best idea EVER!  It took just shy of a decade to make it happen, but the […]

  • 5 Mistakes You Make When Traveling with Your Dog

    dog on road trip

    Written by: Nick Burton of Do you love the idea of traveling with your dog, but find it’s a hassle in practice? As wonderful as it is to have a travel companion that’s always up for an adventure, traveling with a pet requires a lot of planning. Pet-friendly travel resources like Bring Fido and […]

  • Dog Powered Trike

    For several years I have envisioned a vehicle that could be used on sidewalks and streets that would be pulled by a dog.  A vehicle that would harness the concept of the sleds used for the Iditerod, but for pavement and the human would have more control.  Well, the amazing Mark has done it!!  You can […]