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  • Keeping Your Dog Fit and Healthy

    Game Time Dog Services | Austin, TX

    Regular exercise, good nutrition, and occasional massage keep dogs fit. By Randy Kidd, DVM, PhD Compare the actions and functions of the musculoskeletal system to a finely tuned symphonic orchestra. Each and every instrument (each of the dozens of independent muscles in the dog) contributes to the whole. For one instrument to be heard above […]

  • Dog Powered Trike

    For several years I have envisioned a vehicle that could be used on sidewalks and streets that would be pulled by a dog.  A vehicle that would harness the concept of the sleds used for the Iditerod, but for pavement and the human would have more control.  Well, the amazing Mark has done it!!  You can […]

  • Dog Run and Walk with George in Austin, TX

    We ran for 20 minutes then did a cool down dog walk – look at how HAPPY this guy is!!  George is off for the summer, but I look forward to picking up our dog visits in the fall.