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  • Signs your Dog has Overheated & How to Cool Them Off

    Has your dog overheated, are they dehydrated? What signs to look for and how to cool them off safely. It is incredibly important to know and watch for the signs your dog exhibits when overheating.  Especially during the HOT summer months.  Catching the signs of overheating early can save your dog’s life.  Equally important is […]

  • The Proper Way to Pet a Dog

    Proper way to pet dog

    The Proper Way to Pet a Dog After reading that above headline, you may have thought to yourself, “There’s no right or wrong way to pet a dog. I’ve had dogs my whole life!” It’s true that canines tend to be less persnickety than cats when it comes to human affection, but veterinarians stress that there’s still some […]

  • 10 Pet Safety Tips for the July 4th Holiday

    10 Pet Safety Tips for the July 4th Holiday July 4th is a great celebration for humans but for our pets it is SCARY! The loud bangs are petrifying to them and make them run for cover.  They will just run to ‘escape’ what they perceive as a dangerous situation.  They don’t know it’s their […]