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  • Dog Walk Training with Fidelio Dog Works

    The Game Time Team had a fantastic and educational session focused on dog walking with Donovan of Fidelio Dog Works last week.  It rained on us, but that didn’t slow us down. ????☔???? We learned about the Balanced Dog Training Method and how to implement Fidelio’s training methods in our daily dog walks. For a dogs training […]

  • 5 Indoor Games to Engage Your Dog’s Brain

    Indoor Games for Dog Brains!!  We know getting outside is a dogs’ most favorite, but what if it’s raining cats and dogs  (pun intended) and you can’t get outside? Here are some of Whole Dog Journal’s favorite indoor activities and games to play when you can’t get outside. We find WDJ to be a trusted […]

  • Five Things To Do When Your Dog Jumps

    I encounter dogs jumping all the time, so when this article arrived in my inbox I felt implied to share and add. Here are five things to do when your dog jumps on people: Originally written by Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, CDBC Added information written by Amy Fiala, 10-year dog walking professional There’s a common […]

  • How to Introduce your Newborn Baby to your Dog

    Image by K9 of Mine

    The excitement of a baby on the way is felt by all in the home and that includes your dog.  Here are some tips to foster a smooth introduction of your new baby to your fur baby. How to introduce your Newborn Baby to your Dog   What to do when you find out you […]

  • Austin Dog Training Groupon (Allendale)

    A Groupon for dog training classes by Zoom Room in Allendale of Austin, Texas!   A short dog walk before class is a good idea to get out the extra or pent up energy.  After a walk the dog is able to focus.  I got this Groupon – maybe I’ll see ya in class! 🙂

  • Why Does my Puppy BITE me!?! *explained, Northwest Hills, TX

    I found this on The Hydrant and found it very interesting.  Biting is an issue with all puppies & I encounter it all the time.  I definitely agreed with the part of this article that recommends to take your dog to place or situation (dog park) where other dogs can teach your dog the ‘rules’ […]

  • Why Austin Dog Owners Should Own A Long Line

    Why Everyone Should Own A Long Line. I used this method with my dog and it WORKS!  Your hands need to be ready and they will be full with all the leash at times, but it’s worth it for the long term leash FREE benefits. 🙂

  • How to Communicate with your Austin Dog

    I very much agree with this blog written by Drama Dog. It’s very important that we communicate with dogs in a way they can understand: 1) Body Language 2) Short words – NO sentences 3) Do not repeat same word over and over 4) Keep voice calm & at lower pitch Happy Dog Walks! Amy […]

  • Common Mistakes Austin Dog Owners Make: Not Watching The Puppy!

    Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make: Not Watching The Puppy! I TOTALLY agree with this post and strongly urge new puppy parents to read it.  It’s is best to train behaviors you want as they grow up instead of trying to ‘fix’ a problem later. Happy Dog Walks! Amy Game Time Dog Services