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    Tomlinson’s Pet Supply wrote an excellent article about how to handle and care for dog paws in this heat.  I just had to share – it’s valuable info in these triple digit temperatures. You know the feeling: frantically tip-toeing from your lounge chair to the edge of the pool so the bottom of your feet don’t […]

  • Benefits of Coconut Oil For Dogs

    There are many benefits of coconut oil for dogs being discovered for dogs, even though it was not recommended in the past. The coconut, also known as the “tree of life”, has been found to have many benefits not only for humans, but for our best friends as well. There are many products and furniture […]

  • Is Pet Health Insurance Really Worth It?

    Going to the veterinarian’s office is never a pleasant experience if your cat is ill — particularly if you are on a budget. Often, it is $50 or more just to walk in the door, and a BCB (blood test) is another $50-$200. Basic costs generally include vaccine boosters, a heartworm test and a fecal […]

  • A Dog’s Favorite Job

  • Does Your Dog Love Beer? Austin, TX

    When you’ve had a rough day at the office, you’ve been known to self-medicate with a beer…or four. But how to soothe your pooch when there’s no good reason to wag a tail? While you tip back a Pale Dog, treat your BFF to Brew Biscuits from Austin-based Hops & Grain Brewery. The all-natural dog treats are made […]

  • Pet Sitting and Walking for Rat Terrier in Austin, TX – Breed Description

    How excited am I to dog sit for the adorable Sprocket,  a Rat Terrier, and Tori, an Australian Shepard starting tomorrow?!                           Here is some information I found about the breed on Dog Breed Info: Description The Rat Terrier is a well-muscled dog […]

  • Top 10 Street Art Featuring Dogs

    Game Time Dog Services focuses on fitness and dog walking, and we LOVE seeing art like this when we are out in Austin. #10. #9. #8. #7. #6. #5. #4. #3. #2. #1. (SOURCE)

  • JAWS Pet Bed

    We Keep Austin Weird and our dogs like it weird too!! Shark Pet Bed.

  • 5 Alarming Things You Didn’t Know About Dog Poop, Austin TX

    Guess what? Putting dog poop in the trash is wrong, no matter what kind of bag you use. Elizabeth Korb  |  May 15th 2013  |  Dogster I lead a double life. I’m a full-time employee in Chicago who commutes to San Francisco once a month for the California College of the Arts’ MBA program in design strategy. This semester […]

  • Can Your Austin Dog 007??

    I am so delighted with Ashleigh and Pudsey. They sure are a team!