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DIY: Mother’s Day Dog Mom Gift

Mother’s Day is on Sunday!

I was inspired by a post I saw on Pinterest a while back, and came up with a way to make it dog-friendly. I also thought it would be a cute little project to do with my regular doggie daycare clients to do for their moms, who do such a wonderful job taking care of them.

Most importantly, mom’s come in all types; whether you’re a human mom or a doggie mom, you’re loved and appreciated all the same.

Happy Mother’s Day, to all of those doggie moms out there.

Paw Print DIY


  • Canvas, or anything else you’d like to do your paw print on. Something as simple as a piece of paper would even work

  • Non-toxic paint

  • Creativity! For added flair, do your paw prints in more than one color!

  • Rag/Towel

  • Bowl of water

  • Cooperative dog.

Keep in mind, this isn’t supposed to be a traumatic experience for your dog. Don’t force your dog, if they’re not comfortable with it.


I found all of my supplies at the dollar store. I went with purple, as it’s one of my favorite colors.



I set everything up on the floor, so the dogs could check it out … sniff sniff sniff!

Lady even made sure the paint was non-toxic (she didn’t actually eat it, don’t worry!)


Theo was wondering about his canvas. I had to explain to him that Father’s Day is in a month from now!



Lady was ready to go! Stamping was easy with her, because she’s very relaxed with being handled. She enjoyed the extra attention ;)


Checking out her beautiful art work ….


I think her mom is going to LOVE it!


And here are the completed pieces! Declan, Ducati and Lady had a fun afternoon at doggie daycare, and I hope the moms’ loved there special hand made gift.

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