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For several years I have envisioned a vehicle that could be used on sidewalks and streets that would be pulled by a dog.  A vehicle that would harness the concept of the sleds used for the Iditerod, but for pavement and the human would have more control.  Well, the amazing Mark has done it!!  You can see his invention on  This safe and functional scooter is a dream for an active dog and his owner.

Recreational Dogpowered Scooter
(for street and easy dirt with one dog or 2 average drive medium sized dogs)
Model: Willy (good quality Taiwan)
Features: V-brakes (standard bicycle brakes) light frame (max. 250 lb. rider), shorter but adequate wheelbase, street tread 20″ dia. tires which roll with little resistance, and fenders.
Ergonomic for kicking with adequate ground clearance for easy off road.


I’ll take one in blue please!!

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