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As Austin goes back to the office – how is this going to affect your dog?

We want to help your dog adjust to being home alone again.

I think a silver lining to the Stay-At-Home Order was that people spent more time with their pets.  As much as we missed our daily dog walks it made me happy to know they were bonding with their fur parent.  I’m sure Fido loved having his favorite person around ALL DAY!!

When you go back to the office your dog will have to adjust.  It will be harder for some than others.  Could behavior problems and depression result from you heading back to the office?  Very possibly, which is why I want to share two articles with you.  I have found that slow transitions are best instead of abrupt changes.  We are here for you if you want to add a few more dog walks during the day to entertain your dog while you are away.  We can then taper them off as your dog makes the transition.

The first article I would like to share was written by Pat Miller, the Training Editor at Whole Dog Journal.  She wrote Amicable Separation When Leaving Your Dog Again which discusses how to recognize and prevent separation-related behaviors (SRBs) – including separation anxiety, which is one particularly serious type of SRB.  These tips and actions by you will help your dog adjust to being home alone again.

The second article, Preventing Food-Toy “Fails, by Eileen Anderson and covers the topic of food-dispensing toys and tools. Toys offer distraction and entertainment.  If your dog is enjoying playing with a toy it’s less time they will be pacing and wondering where you are.  She points out that some of these tools frustrate some dogs more than help them to fill their time in an enjoyable way. Anderson discusses ways to make sure that the tools or toys you use actually help your dog reach the food in a way that makes them feel rewarded, not annoyed.


You know your dog better than anyone.  Do you think your dog will have a hard time when you go back to the office?

My top 3 recommendations:

  • Start a ‘goodbye’ routine that’s short and sweet – start NOW when you go to the gym or store
  • Hire a dog walker to break up the monotony of the long day
  • Have toys for distraction and play

We are here for you if you need us!  Happy Tails!



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