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ImageYour pet will become overweight if they are eating more calories than they are burning on a consistent basis.  According to The Association of Pet Obesity Prevention 54% of today’s pets are overweight and the humans now see’s an overweight dog as normal.   So, how does your pup measure in?  Here are a few body condition assessments you can do at home.

IDEAL: The ribs of a dog at an ideal weight are easily palpable, meaning you can easily feel them, when you run your hand across their side.  You will be able to see them slightly as well.  When viewing them from the side the abdominal tuck is evident, and when viewed from above the waist is easily noted.

HEAVY:  The ribs are palpable with slight difficulty and there is fat cover.  It may be hard to discern on dogs with a lot of hair, but do your best.  There are deposits of fat in the lumbar (arm pit) area and base of tail. Waist and abdominal tuck are barely visible.

OBESE:  The ribs can only be felt with significant pressure or not at all.  The waist and abdominal tuck are absent, and there are heavy fat deposits over lumbar area, base of tail, neck, and limbs.

Ideal: Image Heavy: Image Obese: Image


If you don’t have the time to get your pup fit – we are here to help.  It’s incredibly important for your dogs overall health and your pocketbook at the vet.

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