In Dog Walking

Our lives are so busy and in the Texas heat it’s much cooler before the sun comes up and after it goes down, so taking a dog walk at night is the better option.  Safety is important at all dog dog walks, but the night adds additional hazards.  Number one – VISIBILITY.  Especially in my neighborhood because we don’t have sidewalks and not many street lights.  I discovered the Life Gear Glow Stick and I think it’s about the coolest thing in one little package since sliced bread!

life gear glow stickIt’s a “multi-functioning GLOW Stick that not only provides a long-lasting LED light, but also features four safety signaling modes, including:


  • Color glow stick
  • Color flasher
  • Bright white flashlight
  • Whistle


Battery operated, chemical-free and environmentally friendly.”

I believe in this product so much that all of our dog walkers carry them for the safety of themselves and of the dog.  That’s what I use it for but realistically it would be useful in many situations.



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