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Why I loved having my dog at my wedding and why we offer the Wedding Day Pet Attendant service.

For better or for worse, in richer, or in poorer, your dog will love you all of the days they live long!  That’s why it was important for me to have my dogs at my wedding.

I didn’t realize this at first – it was the spring of 2012 & I was browsing venues, drafting the guest list, and deciding on themes, flowers, you name it.  Eloping even came into the mix of options when I began to realize planning a wedding is WORK! (Shout out to all of the wedding planners out there!)  Anyways, somewhere in the process, my dog Kya strolled into my room and I thought, “What about you?!  You have to be there!”  My girl, Kya, had been my best friend through some very rough times – it only made sense for her to be in attendance.  Making the decision to have her there cut the venue options in half!  Without even meaning to, she helped me simplify the decision-making process.  Our wedding was on the beach and her being there meant the world to me.

Arriving back at my job managing a dog walking service, Game Time Dog Services, a light bulb went off.  What if others want their fur babies at their wedding, but need help caring for them?!?  I immediately added it to our service options.

In 2019, I was the Wedding Day Pet Attendant for the Harris Wedding which was covered by People Magazine.  Every aspect of their wedding was beautiful – not just in design and tablescapes, but in the energy too.  Joy and love buzzed in the air – it was infectious!  The groom, X-Ambassadors keyboardist Casey Harris and his beautiful wife Liv were so kind, appreciative, and so IN LOVE!!  Meatloaf was their amazingly sweet rescue who I fell in love with immediately.  He was their fur baby – a part of their family.  Meatloaf’s role was the ring bearer and he was quite the hit, to say the least.  As soon as he started down the aisle all the guests in unison went “Awe!”  The wedding was magical, and I loved helping to make their day, the perfect day!!  


Knowing dog body language is important.

I’ve been in the dog service industry for almost 10 years, and I know dogs.  I know how to read their body language – are they happy, scared, is the situation fine, or are they getting overwhelmed?  I read their body language and make sure their dog is comfortable in the new environment.   Meatloaf got overwhelmed at one point and I knew it was time to take a break from all the excitement.  His tail was between his legs and he got what is called ‘whale eye’.  Meatloaf appreciated and needed his break – a wedding is a lot of excitement for all who participate.  It is my job to take care of your dog both physically and mentally.

Dog at wedding

Last but not least – PICTURES!

Pictures are so important as they capture the moment you’ll treasure always.  I have worked with a pet photographer, and have a bag of attention-getting “tricks” I use to get your pup to look in the right direction. Say cheese!

Dog at wedding

Our pets are a part of our family – they make our lives complete.

They also make your wedding complete, tying the knot and tying the day into one perfect package.  If this is a service you would like more information please see our Wedding Day Pet Attendant service description on our website and/or email Amy today at

Wishing all a beautiful and bright day,

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