Amy has been in the pet services industry since 2009.  She has worked with all types of breeds, owners, veterinarians, pet sitters, dog walkers, pet-focused organizations, animal shelters, dog breeders, pet stores, dog trainers, and more.  She’s lived and breathed DOG.  This blog is a place for her to share the experiences and knowledge she has picked up along the way.  New methods and products come out all the time, so this pet service blog will only grow and get edited to represent what Game Time Dog Services believes and trusts.  We hope our clients and all who visit find this dog blog to be a helpful resource.

Have a question or maybe you want to share something with us – please reach out!  With that said we will only post on pet-related topics and we will not push products we don’t use ourselves and/or believe in.  We do not receive any kickbacks from products or services featured on this blog.

This pet service blog is purely to help pet owners and their pets.  We do this by sharing the gems of knowledge we have gathered.  Some of it is so simple such as Dawn dish soap is the best flea shampoo ever!  Don’t waste your money on the expensive stuff that doesn’t work.  Other posts may help you decide what to do if you are faced with the difficult decision to use a brace or put your pet through surgery after an ACL tear.  We love pets and the dog moms and dads that take care of them.  This blog is for you!  Happy tails!

How to Prevent and Treat Overheating in Dogs

Yay for summertime!!  It comes with a lot of fun and a lot of things to be aware of.  Here are some tips and recommendations to keep your dog safe from overheating as the temps rise over 100 degrees. Of course, we want our fur babies to enjoy the summer fun too, but intense heat [...]

Wedding Day Dog Attendant for the #GoingGaitly Wedding

I was so privileged and honored to be the Wedding Day Dog Attendant for the union of Moraya & Dutch Gaitly! What a stunning couple that are beautiful people inside and out!  They consider their handsome Goldendoodle, Simba, a member of their family and included him in their wedding.  Simba was such a handsome stud […]

Bringing Home a Puppy? 9 Tips to Prep Your House

Bringing Home a Puppy? 9 Tips to Prep Your House The excitement of bringing home a puppy is so fun and exciting!!  We worked with Redfin and other pet professionals to put together this list of helpful tips to set you and your puppy up for success! Published on Redfin Blog June 10, 2021 by Julia Weaver […]

Signs your Dog has Overheated & How to Cool Them Off

Has your dog overheated, are they dehydrated? What signs to look for and how to cool them off safely. It is incredibly important to know and watch for the signs your dog exhibits when overheating.  Especially during the HOT summer months.  Catching the signs of overheating early can save your dog’s life.  Equally important is […]

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting in West Lake Hills & Round Rock, TX

Local Pet Care Business is now Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in West Lake Hills & Round Rock TX Game Time Dog Services has been caring for the pets of Austin for 8 years and is expanding its dog walking and pet sitting service to include West Lake Hills and Round Rock, TX.  We are Austin’s […]

Ranked as Best Dog Walking Service in Austin, TX

Expertise has ranked Game Time Dog Services as one of the Best Dog Walking services in Austin, Texas! How PAWsome is that?!  We are so honored to be ranked as one of the best dog walking services in Austin, TX! We must give credit to our exceptional dog walkers on staff.   Without them, this […]

Tips to Care for Senior Dog and Save Money

Written by: Nick Burton | & Amy Fiala | Owner of GTDS   Senior pets are so special, and they often need extra care and items to stay healthy, comfortable, and happy. That doesn’t mean senior dog parents need to spend a fortune. Here are a few helpful tips to help you care for […]

Tips for Dog Owners during a Pandemic

5 Tips for Dog Owners during a Pandemic Everything has changed and almost everyone has a “new normal”.  Most dogs probably love to have their humans home all day, but it can be challenging for the human to focus on work with Fido always asking for attention.  If you have two-legged kids multiply that by […]

Top 5 Dog-Friendly National Parks

Top 5 dog-friendly national parks in the USA!  It has been a daydream of mine to pack up and explore the USA in an RV.  To walk the natural treasures of our country with my dog sounded like the best idea EVER!  It took just shy of a decade to make it happen, but the […]

Helping Your Dog Adjust to Being Home Alone Again

As Austin goes back to the office – how is this going to affect your dog? We want to help your dog adjust to being home alone again. I think a silver lining to the Stay-At-Home Order was that people spent more time with their pets.  As much as we missed our daily dog walks […]