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“True grit. True devotion. True love. These tributes are used often to describe the American Bulldog — a hardy, athletic, all-purpose working dog. The American Bulldog is a loving family companion, good with children and other pets, yet at the same time, fearlessly determined. It has been known to display heroic acts of courage in protecting its master. The American Bulldog has also been used to hunt everything from squirrel to bear, and has been trained to drive cattle and guard stock from predators. The American Bulldog should be evaluated as a working dog, and exaggerations or faults should be penalized in proportion to how much they interfere with the dogs ability to work.” (as written by Sandi)

Second Wind Farm is owned and operated by my AMAZING mother and she takes fantastic care of her dogs.  She has done her homework through and through about this breed, and her American Bulldogs are of the SUPREME quality.  She doesn’t have too many liters, but has recently been blessed with TWO litters!  HOORAY!  Take a peek – maybe you are the forever home of one of these cutie pies!

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