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The More You Know: How to know you are dealing with a RESPONSIBLE breeder.

Responsible breeders have a passion for their breed and will know the origin, history, temperament, and characteristics of the dogs they breed.  They have respect for the breed and want to preserve it for future generations.

How to know you are dealing with a responsible breeder:

  1.  They interview you!!  Yes, they are happy you are interested in their puppy, but a responsible breeder won’t sell to just anyone.  They will have a screening process in place to make sure the puppy is going to a good forever home.
  2. They will help you puppy prep your home and family by recommending products, explaining puppy behaviors, basic training, potty training, and how to puppy-proof your home.  They want to set you up for success!!  Many times they will even mentor new puppy families after the puppy is in the new home.
  3. A responsible breeder will never give you a puppy before it is 8 weeks old.  Early separation from the litter influences specific problem behavior patterns in adult dogs. (SOURCE)
  4. They will allow you to VISIT and SEE their kennels and meet at least one of the parents of your puppy.  No smoke and mirrors – full transparency.
  5. In the unfortunate event that there was a big life transition and the owners can no longer keep their dog – a responsible breeder will either take back or help you rehome the dog.
  6. Their dogs will be registered through an agency and they will have the pedigree of your puppy available to you.  Absolutely no inbreeding takes place with a responsible breeder, unlike a puppy mill.  How to identify a Puppy Mill?  Check out our Red Flags of a Puppy Mill post.
  7. Lastly, a responsible breeder will have references ready to share with you.
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