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dogs-walk-fastHave you ever had or known a dog that had so much energy that a walk doesn’t seem to suffice?  Have you ever heard or thought “that dog needs a JOB”, but you don’t know what that is.  The dogs in the country DO have a job, that’s why they seem more calm and tend to have free range.  Country dogs don’t know what a leash is.  It’s a very different situation here in the city.  Some people use agility training or something of that sort to give their dog a job, but there are MANY hours involved and some don’t have the time or desire to do that.  If you are a city dweller and know your dog needs a job you should consider the WORKING WALK.  It’s a walk where the pace is kept fast and moving forward.  No stopping to smell the roses while taking a leisurely stroll.  It’s a one foot in front of the other at a decent pace to where the dog doesn’t have time to put their nose down to the ground.  It’s a step below jogging or running on the exertion scale.  Keep the dog on a shorter leash and if they try to stop and smell you say, “Not yet Fido – we’re working right now”, and pull him along with you.  Of-course after a block or two allow the dog to take a pee/smell/drink break, but YOU decide when those are going to happen because you are the boss – not Fido.  That’s the way we do most of our walks at Game Time Dog Services & the dogs love it!

Happy Dog Walks!
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