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Do you want to start running for exercise with your dog? Here are 6 tips to get you off on the right foot! ???????????????? #punintended

  1. Start slow

    If a person hasn’t run or taken a walk in years they aren’t going to be able to run a marathon tomorrow

  2. Keep an eye on your dog

    Are they are having problems?  IE. limping, panting really hard, bloodshot eyes?  Their feet will need to toughen up, so keep an eye out for any tender spots

  3. Get a waist leash

    It frees up your hands and can help you get a better flow

  4. Take water 

    Hydration is SO important for you and your dog.  If you don’t carry it with you know where the water fountains are

  5. Keep things interesting

    Take different routes, change pace, change directions

  6. Watch the weather – especially in the summer

    Dogs aren’t as efficient as we are to cool themselves because they don’t sweat and are also perpetually wearing a jacket. Consider how hot you are, now double it.  Exercise during the cool hours and watch their tongue.  Over halfway out? Time to cool off.  Learn how to cool off your dog here.

You will know when to stop before your dog does – be aware of the small signals.  Dogs are amazing creatures and can withstand much without realizing they are hurting themselves.  Don’t treat them like they are a delicate flower either because they are dogs who like to get out and get dirty.

I hope these 6 tips help you in your new endeavor to exercise with your dog.  Not only will you both benefit physically, but the bonding and time together is a treasure.  Dogs are pack animals and love to be with their pack leader – YOU! ????

Happy Dog Exercising!


“Ready, Set, Dog Health”

Updated 3/22/21

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