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Written by: Nick Burton | & Amy Fiala | Owner of GTDS


Senior pets are so special, and they often need extra care and items to stay healthy, comfortable, and happy. That doesn’t mean senior dog parents need to spend a fortune. Here are a few helpful tips to help you care for your senior dog and save money.


Provide Extra Comforts Without Extra Costs

Older dogs need a little extra comfort to make the aging process easier. You can use discount sites and coupons to make finding those senior pet essentials a little easier on your budget. Sometimes large retailers like PetSmart or Kohl’s offer extra discounts on toys, beds, bowls, and other products.  You can save even more when you use Kohl’s coupons and promo codes.

Another option is to find used.  Maybe your neighbor isn’t using their elevated food bowls anymore or their dog doesn’t like the memory foam bed for some reason.  You can find items on Nextdoor, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.  Another option is to make a post telling folks what you are looking for – someone might have exactly what you are looking for.


Find Affordable Sitting and Walking Services

Dogs tend to feel most relaxed when they are in familiar environments with familiar smells. So, the next time you need to travel without your senior pup, search for a pet sitter instead of boarding him at a local kennel. Typically, sitting fees are far less expensive than the fees you would pay at boarding facilities, and your pet can stay in his home, lessening the stress on your dog. Game Time Dog Services offers personalized dog sitting services that can be tailored to your pup’s needs.


Look for Simple Ways to Save on Vet Bills

The cost of caring for senior pets can be higher than the younger pups. Saving on vet bills can be pretty simple if you take some time to research your options. Start by checking in with your current vet to see if there are any discounts, payment plans, or specials that could help reduce expenses for your pet. Many clinics run dental health specials and even offer special financing that can make vet care more affordable, especially for senior dogs who may require more expensive treatments.


Another option is to get insurance which can alleviate costly vet bills. Not every insurer will cover older pets, so find an insurance company that has no age limitations. Knowing about pet care financing, such as Care Credit, can also be helpful when faced with a senior pet emergency, but try to reserve this as your last resort. You can also look for ways to save on pet medications, to reduce those vet expenses.  Sometimes pet owners will donate unused pet medications after their pet has passed away.  Ask your vet if anyone has donated.


Just Spend More Time with Your Dog

While many of these extras may provide your senior dog with comfort, know you are the biggest source of joy for your dog. Although you don’t need any proof to know that your dog really does love you, but scientists have found that dog brains are actually capable of love. Additionally, these studies found that dogs have the most positive reactions when they look at the face of their owners. So, if you truly want to provide special care for your senior pet, just spend more quality time together. You can take a gentle dog walk, visit a dog park, or just hang out in your backyard. All of these activities are completely free your dog will love to simply spend time with their favorite friend.


Caring for an older dog doesn’t have to put a serious dent in your household budget. Just take your time researching deals and discounts, and above all, know that love and compassion is most important. Best of all, those two essentials are absolutely free, and the love you will receive in return will be well worth it.


Photo Credit: Pexels


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