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Fit BarkFitBark is a tiny bone-shaped device that fosters an active lifestyle and guides you through the amazing journey of pet parenting.


Why FitBark. Wouldn’t it be great if dog parenting came with instructions? We always wonder whether there’s a better way to stay connected with our dogs. Have you ever asked yourself: Is my dog doing alright? Is he getting the right amount of exercise today, this week or this month? Has he been walked today? What is he doing when he’s home alone? Is he sleeping? How can I stay close to him when he’s sick? Is he more or less energetic than the other dogs?

What is FitBark? FitBark is a tiny, stylish, dog-bone shaped device that attaches to your dog’s collar and records physical activity 24/7. Whenever your pooch comes within the Bluetooth range of any one of the paired smartphones (owners and caretakers) or the FitBark home base (similar to a router), the information is uploadedto the FitBark system in real time, and is viewable in the FitBark mobile app by all the owners and caretakers of your dog. FitBark is super tiny (0.022 lb, or 10 grams), fashionable, comfortable and easy to put on, fits easily onto the vast majority of dog collars and is water resistant. It comes in green, light blue, fuchsia, beige, and red (we’ll ask what color you prefer at the end of the campaign).

What is the FitBark mobile app? It’s your way to feel better connected as a pet parent (even when you’re out of town!) while raising a happy, healthy dog. We calculate a daily goal for your dog, and you watch the percent counter advance throughout the day, with the background colors changing accordingly. You and other caretakers can also visualize this big dog data in hourly, daily, weekly and monthly summaries, so that you can work as a team and take action when necessary. All that data is also used to calculate the BarkScore – the number that tells you how consistently your dog has been meeting his daily goal and how well you’re doing as a dog parent. Oh, and you’ll be able to answer all the other questions from the first paragraph. We like to think FitBark is Dog Parenting 2.0.

What smartphones is FitBark compatible with?

  • iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 3, iPad mini, iPod touch (5th gen )
  • Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note II, 10.1
  • If your iOS or Android smartphone is not on the list, you won’t be able to sync up FitBark wirelessly through your smartphone, but you’ll still be able to use the FitBark app and visualize data that synced up through a compatible smartphone or the FitBark home base (iOS 6.0+ or Android 4.0+ required)
  • FitBark works everywhere, not only in the US!

Where can I buy FitBark?

  • This website, called Kickstarter, is the only place where you can buy FitBark. Kickstarter is a way to fund innovative projects by collecting pre-orders, and the project gets funded only if we reach our $100k goal (there’s nothing to lose – your credit card does not get charged otherwise)
  • Pre-order FitBark on the right column of this page. The $99 “DEVICE (FIRST BATCH)” and the $169 “DEVICE + HOME BASE (FIRST BATCH)” are the most popular choices. You can change or cancel your pledge at any time during the campaign
  • There are no monthly subscription fees for using FitBark

I love dogs, and I love this project! How can I help you guys?

  • Sign up for FitBark’s newsletter
  • Make a small pledge (even $1 counts!)
  • Like our Facebook page and share it with friends and dog lovers.
  • Tweet about us using the following hashtags: #fitbark, #kickstarter, #crowdfunding, #dog, #dogs, #wearables, #quantifiedwoof, #wearablebone
  • Follow us on Pinterest and Instagram and help us spread the love
  • Most importantly, please support responsible dog parenting!

Believe in the product?  Then help make it a reality and back it – $1 minimum.

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